Saturday, October 1, 2011

Leaving 3 year old in car for 13 minutes is not neglect

This New Jersey court is as good at overturning their child protective services agency's findings of neglect as the Massachusetts courts are at upholding them:

Dept. of Children Youth & Families v. A.S., New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division, decided 9/29/11

Three year old wanted to stay in car to continue watching DVD while mom did some last minute barbecue shopping at big box store. Mom left her strapped in her car seat, the doors locked, the car started with remote start and the air conditioner on for 13 minutes. Child was unfazed when police arrived, police could not get car doors opened. DCYFS found her neglectful. So did the administrative hearing.

But, citing the statute and a couple of other New Jersey cases that also reversed neglect findings, the court reversed and ruled in favor of mother.

Thanks to for posting this unpublished, per curiam decision.