Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something Else Not to do to Your Child

Don't hide your child in a crawl space.

An Illinois judge found that it constituted neglect for a mother to hide her then 5 year old son in a crawl space in her mother's house for most of two years to keep him away from his father whom she accused of abuse.
Ill. Judge: Mom's Hiding Of Boy Amounts To Neglect
JIM SUHR, Associated Press Writer
BENTON, Ill. (AP) ― A mother's hiding of her son for nearly two years in his grandmother's home, often in a crawl space behind a wall, amounted to neglect, a judge ruled Friday. See full article here.
Neither child protective services nor the court had believed mother's allegation of abuse. She and the child disappeared two years ago after the court granted the father temporary custody. The article does not say how they were found. There are criminal child abduction charges pending against the mother, the maternal grandmother and the MGM's boyfriend.

The boy is currently having supervised visitation with his parents (which are reportedly going well) and a custody and visitation hearing is scheduled for January 8th.