Saturday, August 31, 2013

When you think DCF is going to talk to your child at school

For students to carry with them:

My Right to Remain Silent

My parents agree that I have the following rights*:

1. To refuse to talk to any school official, police officer, counselor or social worker about anything that is not related to my school work.

2. To refuse to sign any forms or discuss anything related to my family.

3. To deny consent to any search of my person or articles in my possession.

4. To insist that the school call my parents and ask my parents to come to the school immediately if I am to be questioned.

In the exercise of these rights:

I will be respectful to all officials at all times.

I will not be threatening or aggressive in my resistance.

__________________        ___________________
Child’s signature             Parent(s)’ signature(s)

* Many of these "rights" have not been specifically recognized by the legal system. Some derive from case law, some from Massachusetts statutes and regulations, some from model school department policies and some are merely desired interpretations.

Form copied from:
A service of Atty. Michael L. Rich*
Concentrating in Children’s and Family Law
37 Middlesex Circle – Unit 21
Waltham, MA 02452
781-373-1582, Fax 339-368-7662
Emergencies 339-707-0050
Available as a post at and to group members for download at

*Atty. Rich does not represent this child or family unless his signature appears on the form.

Go over this form and the situation with your child, preferably after retaining a DCF/CPS defense attorney in your area. If you are unable to connect with an attorney before the next school day, consider whether to send the form to school with your child.

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