Thursday, May 16, 2013

Protected by confidentiality laws. Really?

What part of "This case and the details related to the newborn are protected by confidentiality laws."?

They include a picture of the mother, her name, what she is in jail charged with and that her newborn was taken into protective custody by FL DCF. The only part of the case details they did not include was the name of the "family members" with whom the infant has been placed.

Are there confidentiality laws protecting anyone in the case or not?

WAIT - here's another one:

Also Florida.  A local doctor made a report to DCF and the police. It was the doctor, "whose name was not released under Florida’s confidentiality laws"!

As to the teen who is the alleged perpetrator, his name, the town he lives in, his picture and the offense he is being charged with were all reported.

Why are reporters, especially mandated reporters, having their identities protected? Where is the protection for the accused? For the children involved in the cases?

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Gary Puntman said...

I'm always concerned if I am really being protected by confidentiality laws. I think that it's good to investigate things like this. Businesses should be checked up on to make sure they are following the correct processes for confidentiality.
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